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Here you learn which exercise bike is the best for you. You also learn how to best use an exercise bike.

Recumbent bicycles have been around since the early days of the bicycle. The main advantage of the recumbent bike is that the body weight of the rider is distributed over a larger area compared to the standard upright bicycle.


The recumbent bicycle also has an aerodynamic advantage over the traditional bike. But the recumbent bicycle was banned from racing back in 1934 which made it less popular for a long time. One disadvantage of most recumbent bicycles is the low center of gravity. Although the low center of gravity increases the braking capability it also makes more difficult to keep the balance.  Since your eyes will be lower on most recumbent models than on the upright model, your visibility will also be poorer. And it will be more difficult for car drivers to see you.

Of course, for a stationary recumbent bicycle balance and visibility are not relevant. This makes the recumbent bike a good choice if you are looking for a stationary bicycle. The recumbent model is more ergonomic than the standard upright bicycle. Why not be comfortable while you are working out? It is also easy to watch TV or to read while training on a recumbent bike.

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The recumbent exercise bike can be used for both aerobic and for more intensive anaerobic training. Aerobic training is low intensive aimed at burning fat and tone muscles. Some people think that recumbent bikes are not suitable for anaerobic training, arguing that you can not work out intensively while you are sitting comfortably! But recumbent bikes can be used for the anaerobic exercise without any problems.

Nowadays, most exercise bikes have plenty of predefined workouts. It can be difficult to choose the exercise program one for you. But generally, you don’t need more one a few workouts. Which workout you should use depends on what your primary goal is. Are you exercising because you want to become fitter? Or do you want to lose weight?