The Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a great piece of fitness equipment and is proved to yield an energizing workout! Many of us are unaware of the benefits a rowing machine has to offer and thus refrain from using one.  A rowing machine works on the same principle of boating, where you move your hands in circular motion, which helps work your torso and your upper body muscles.

Rowing machines imply a lot of resistance which in return strengthens the chest, forearms and shoulders. When used consistently, you will notice your legs getting a piece of fitness as well, but not as much as your upper body. You can lose calories with a treadmill as well, but working out with a rowing machine helps you lose leaner muscle mass, which is helps nourish your muscles. In the end you increase metabolism levels, just enough to feed the muscles with calories.

Rowing machines come in various types to mimic the different types of resistance, like piston, air, magnetic and water. However, they all imply the same principle of rowing and one is not better than the other. The type of resistance you choose will reflect on the muscles you want to work on. The most popular one of them all is piston resistance, since it is compact and can be stored efficiently. As you increase your pace so will the resistance in an air rowing machine!

A rowing machine with water resistance is the closest you can get to the rowing sensation and you can count on an intense workout.  Magnetic resistance in rowing machines helps create a quite atmosphere with the help of electromagnets and is an extremely smooth way to burn calories. Expect to see many informative gauges on an average rowing machine! These gauges keep you up to date on the amount of calories you have lost, time, speed and distance covered, all with a digital reading!

Since rowing machines portray a different style of workout, you may find it a bit hard to get used to in the beginning. It is advisable to spend around 15 minutes as a beginner and gradually increase, as you get comfortable. Keep in mind that once you get totally acquainted with a rowing machine, you just might say goodbye to all the other fitness equipments around you.